Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let Entrepreneurs Do More Than Dream

... And understand why we are giving away a T50 Ointment Mill. 
Starting up a business is getting harder. Young entrepreneurs who lack in real world business tactics oftentimes face various challenges and need more supports from successful entrepreneurs. The CEO of my company, Ken Kuang, recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal about this critical issue and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback (Read more:
He talked about the disbanding of the Moxie Center at UC San Diego, which was designed to fund students and help them pursue their early entrepreneur dreams. In his opinion, the Moxie Center failed to teach its budding entrepreneurs the two most basic survival skills for startups: understanding the concept of “win-win” and how to forecast profits and losses. Besides seeing it as huge regret, he has revealed the fundamental reason of Moxie’s downfall. It was due to a poor business model embedded with no returns on investment and lack of start-up support.
Here, we are living by his ideals. And here is how we decided to help those looking to start up a compounding pharmacy or those looking to find the right tool for their next big idea. Torrey Hills Technologies is giving away a free T50 ointment mill in September. Businesses can easily participate by clicking this webpage, and simply fill in four multiple choices questions by September 14.
You may think to yourself “how is this a return on investment?”  By giving away this award-winning machine to our winner, we can help them with their very first step of pursuing their dreams of starting up a business. When they grow, we welcome them to turn to us for future needs. The initiative also helps build a strong bond between us and the pharmacy compounding community. That would be our return on investment. Overall, it is up to the lucky entrepreneur that wins this machine to decide what they do or if they succeed, but we are here to help give them the seeds to grow themselves.