Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ointment Mill - A New Focus of Interest

An engineering colleague and I went to visit a pharmacy compounding customer last week. Three roll mill used in pharmacy compounding has become a hot sale since the beginning of this year. Exakt 50 used to be the standard equipment to make medicated ointment. However, more and more pharmacies are expressing their concerns about its productivity limit and turning to us for ointment mill solutions. We are excited and ready to give our best to this market. 

This particular compounding pharmacy in California is doing extremely well and seeing more ointment orders by the month. Their focus is on pain and hormone ointments. Surrounded by friendly pharmacists and technicians, we offered a two-hour long product training session, letting them learn the best gap size for their particular kinds of ointments in order to maximize output. This 2.5x5 three roll mill lab model, which potentially doubles the output of that of Exakt 50, turns out to be the perfect tool for them to fulfill their monthly orders.

Apart from the 2.5x5 model, our 6x12 model has also generated plenty of interest from pharmacy compounding market. From pain ointments to anti-aging creams, our customers found it to be a great pilot production tool for the expansion of their businesses. 

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